Monday, 2 December 2013

Thanks for your support Paddy ....

One of the many terrific people we were able to catch up with at Motorcycle Live 2013 last weekend at the NEC was Paddy Tyson, Author and Editor of Overland magazine. If you are into motorcycle travel and don't have a subscription to this quality mag' yet - get cracking and organise one!

It is great to have Paddy's support for the Dambusters2014 Charity Motorcycle Ride in aid of the Royal Air Force benevolent Fund and Motorcycle Outreach/Precious Cargo.

Here is Paddy at the Overland Magazine stand with comedian Ross Noble! (website will be live from January 2nd 2014)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

More from Motorcycle Live 2013....

What a brilliant day out at Motorcycle Live! Not only did I sit on countless bikes, check out exhausts, wheels, intercoms, kit ....

but I also got the chance to meet up with loads of fellow bikers and 'overlanders' - some I already knew and some I met for the first time. What a grand bunch of people bikers are!

It was great to catch up with people such as Sam Manicom (you really have to read some of Sam's books!  ), Nick Sanders ( ) (, Paddy Tyson (Overland Magazine ) but also to meet some new friends such as Lisa Morris!

Lisa is about to set off on a massive overland trip with her better half. In her words "In January 2014, we plan to ride our bikes onto a container ship (we will be accompanying them)  and sailing to Montevideo in Uruguay.  From there we will be travelling south down to Patagonia.  We then head north all the way to New York not before visiting Prudhoe Bay in Alaska." Lisa only passed her test in July 2012!!!

You can find out more and follow her travels at :

Fancy a bit of motorcycle travel yourself ? - Get involved by registering to ride with the Dambusters2014 Charity Motorcycle Ride - our website will launch in January 2014 at . Be part of one of next years iconic rides and raise some cash for charity at the same time!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

What a great day at Motorcycle Live 2013....

What a great day at Motorcycle Live yesterday!! Great chat on our plans with Craig Carey-Clinch was was also a key player in delivering this years Dambusters Charity Ride, and also to get the support of some terrific people from the Motorcycling and Overlanding community for what we are doing again in 2014 as we have in 2013!

Just one of the supporters we are very proud to have is the one and only Nick Sanders! Despite all his extra-ordinary achievements Nick is very easy to talk with and has time for anyone approaching him. I also took the time to pick up a copy of Nick's new book and several of his DVDs!!! If you are at Motorcycle Live 2013 - make sure you get over to his stand and purchase yours too!

The image of Nick and my son Tom at the show holding onto a Dambusters2014 poster....

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

An interesting short film by Geoff Meade of BFBS from Dambusters2013 ....

I had not seen this short piece by Geoff Meade of BFBS who rode with us all the way from RAF Scampton to the Mohne Dam as part of the dambusters2013 Charity Motorcycle Ride - thank you Geoff - hope you ride with us in 2014 too.

I had also forgotten just how wet it was for the ride around the Mohnesee!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A message of support for Dambusters2014 ....

Last year we were enormously privileged to enjoy the wholesome support of 617 Sqdn themselves and also the support of their home base at RAF Lossiemouth.

At the time, the Station Commander at RAF Lossiemouth was Gp Capt Ian Gale MBE MBA RAF.
Ian is one of those men where the leadership qualities simply shine out. Hugely impressive and I am delighted to know him. Ian has been kind enough to write 'Dambusters2014' a few words which we will be using on our 'Home Page' when our website launches in January .... and here they are for the first time:

The RAFBF is a wonderful charity that supports our Service people and their families, drawing together past and present, officers and airmen. 

Being a part of this adventure brings in another adventure-loving team - bikers and here's your chance to mix pleasure, challenge and adventure while helping and supporting a charity that is in the front line of support for your Royal Air Force.

There's never been a better time to do this - the draws on the Benevolent Fund are greater than ever and you can make a real difference.

Good luck to you all.

Group Captain Ian Gale MBE MBA MA RAF
If you, like me are inspired by Ian's words then join us next year and raise cash for three wonderful charities. Visit in January and sign up to ride with us next September.

Sorry it has been quiet on the blog ...

Sorry it has been quiet on the blog ... been way too busy at work!

Next big job .... build the website to be ready for launch on January 2nd 2014 .... wish me luck!

In the meantime - spread the word! We need as many riders as possible in 2014 raising cash for our wonderful charities!!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

This is what Landing Zone 'S' looks like today.....

Strange way to promote the idea of the Dambusters2014 Charity Motorcycle Ride by posting a picture of a field! But this is a special field. This is what Landing Zone 'S' looks like today and more specifically where the Dakota of Flt Lt David Lord VC whose story is central to our charity ride this year crashed on 19th September 1944. Strange though it may seem - this will be one of the special stop points of this years ride - to pay our respects to a very brave pilot and his crew. If you are a biker - please join us and help raise shedloads of cash for the RAF Benevolent Fund, Motorcycle Outreach and Precious Cargo.


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dambusters2014 is very proud to support the RAF Benevolent Fund .....

Did you know that the RAF Benevolent Fund is the proud custodian of the Royal Air Force Memorial on the banks of the Thames, and that we are very proud that we are now also guardian for the Bomber Command Memorial? Well you do now! 

It is our aim to preserve the Bomber Command Memorial for future generations so that the noble sacrifice of 55,573 young Bomber Command crew who lost their lives will always be remembered.

Second World War veteran Frank Dell shares his memories of serving with Bomber Command and tells us what the Bomber Command Memorial means to him. It is a very powerful and moving piece to camera from the RAF BF's website...:

Dambusters 2104 charity Motorcycle Outreach gets prestigious award ......

Health for All awarded for Serving the Last Mile

Bali, Sept 27th : Health for All has received an award for Serving the Last Mile as part of the AusAid Indonesian Social Innovator Awards. The award was made in Annika Linden Centre in Bali and recognised the innovation of the Motorcycle Ambulance program developed in East Flores and for providing access to health information. This adds to previous awards from SATU Indonesia Award, MDGS Award and BAKTI. The awards filtered a list of 418 innovations to 26, then further filtered to 10 semi-finalists and finally to the five award winners
Director of HFA, Mansetus Kalimantan (third from left) receiving the award with five other finalists

Precious Cargo - the Scroll is a quarter through it's journey ....

The Precious Cargo UK tour is a quarter complete. The scroll has completed 9 visits and has another 27 to go. The number of signatures obtained so far is significantly higher than expected, and based on the current run rate , we will need to extend the scroll from its current 20 meters to 45 metres! The extension will be made during the next 10 days and shipped to Scotland where it will catch up with the scroll on its tour and be attached to the original section. The good news is that the bank account still has loads of space left in it , so please help us fill it ! Visit or donation page at:

Precious Cargo is one of the three selected charities for the 3rd 'Dambusters' Charity Motorcycle Ride along with the RAF Benevolent Fund and Motorcycle Outreach.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Precious Cargo - one of our charities in 2014 .....

As well as the RAF Benevolent Fund, Dambusters2014 will be supporting 'Precious Cargo' - check out the image below and you'll begin to understand why!! Given our support for this wonderful cause I am hoping we will have shedloads of ladies with us on the ride in 2014!!
 This next image is the start of the journey for the 'Precious cargo' scroll on its journey around the UK via Maternity Units ...... will it make the Guiness Book of Records???
Ladies - come on!! Join us and ride to raise cash for this fabulous charity.....

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Some highlights from Dambusters2013 .... a taster for 2014.

If this is your first introduction to 'Dambusters' here are some highlights for you to enjoy from last year ..... a top ride .... a top bunch of riders ....... and a top welcome and commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Dams Raid, May 1943. .... and about £14,000 raised for charity too ...... roll on 2014!!!

Our Launch Event hosted by RAF Scampton and the 'real' Dambusters 617 Squadron who laid on a fantastic set of flypasts with the Tornado fast jets!!
 Some poignant visits along the way .....
 Our arrival and welcome at the Mohne Dam by the local biking community from around the Mohne was extra-ordinary and lead by the Mayor and Vice-Mayor. Indeed the Vice-Mayor lead the joint Anglo-German Ride Out around the Mohnesee in the afternoon. Top bloke indeed.
 We were also allowed to ride down to the foot of the Mohne Dam itself, a privilege not normally allowed even for locals.
 .... and then at Midnight to coincide with the actual anniversary of when the Lancasters went into the attack the local Mayor gave Dambusters2013 the unique opportunity to ride our bikes across the famous Mohne Dam itself as part of the joint Anglo-German commemoration before joining us to lay wreaths on the waters of the Mohnesee itself to remember all the lives lost as a result of the dams Raid. It was just the coolest evening and night imaginable.
 The following morning it was calm, serene and beautiful. Very difficult to reconcile with what the view would have been like in 1943 on the same morning, 17th May, when a 100 yard wide breach in the dam would have been dominating the view!
 Finally, the Dambusters Riders at the foot of the Mohne Dam - 16th May 2013. Thanks to all who took part - an amazing event which we will do our best to top in 2014.
The website for Dambusters2014 will launch in January 2014. Just keep the 17th - 19th September free ..... and you'll need you passport too - we're going to Arnhem!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Early thoughts on the route for 'Dambusters2014'....

In Dambusters2014 the intention is to follow the route taken by the Dakota piloted by Flt Lt David Lord on 19th September 1944 on his ill fated but staggeringly brave mission as part of the desperate attempts to re-supply the airborne troops holding positions in and around Arnhem.

We know the route that he took from the Operations Record Book of 271 Sqdn which notes that "The route was similar to that used for the glider tug on D + 1."

It also recalls the sad facts that 2 aircraft failed to return, one of which was Flt Lt David Lord's.

As an approximation the route noted in the image above looks like this with the original take off from RAF Down Ampney:

A good ride out for the dambusters2014 riders with lots to stop and see en-route to our final destinations around Arnhem!! Lots more details to follow in the New Year .... just trying to get you interested for now. So spread the word - we need all the riders we can get!!